1. Introduction

This guide provides instructions on how to set up an integrated mail server using Postfix, OpenLDAP, Courier-IMAP, and Jamm. We also examine the design decisions that went into what we finally set up. We also want to document two to three weeks worth of research into one place.

Our intention isn't to write a revolutionary document. Our goal is explain how to set up a fairly flexible and robust mail solution using existing open source software. Hopefully, we'll have saved at least one person the trouble of some of the research we had to do.

1.1. Why write this document?

Our exploration into setting up this mail server started with a simple question from our friend JD. He wanted to know if it was possible to set up a mail server where and were separate users and separate from .

Of course we knew it was possible, but we didn't know exactly how to go about it. We didn't know what technology we would use nor how it would work. This started us down the path to find this information.

In our investigations to find documentation, we found bits of information here and there, but not one document that described a setup like this. We're hoping to fill that void with this paper.