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Jamm (Java Mail Manager) is a web application to manage virtual email account information stored in an LDAP directory. It is meant as an administration tool for sites using mail servers, such as Postfix and Courier-IMAP, that store virtual user information in LDAP, such as OpenLDAP. Jamm is essentially an application specific LDAP editor and does not manage mail server specific configuration files. This makes Jamm quite portable to any SMTP, POP, or IMAP server so long as it supports LDAP. It also, however, means that some administration needs to take place outside of Jamm, such as cleaning up disk space of deleted accounts.

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What can it do?


From version 0.9.5

Site Admin
The site admin page. A list of all the domains.
Domain Admin
The domain administrator's page.
Add Alias
Adding an alias.
Alias Admin
The alias administration / modification page.


Mailing Lists


The current version is 0.9.6. You may download the following packages:

All releases may be found on the SourceForge download page.

Virtual Mailserver HOWTO

This HOWTO describes how to use Postfix, Courier-IMAP, OpenLDAP and Jamm together. Its available in a wide variety of flavors:

Old version of HOWTO

This older version of the HOWTO talks about configuration with Postfix 1.1.x. Enough changed in Postfix 2.0 that its worth keeping this here.

Contributed Documentation


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